1. Pioneer DJ DJM-750K

Pioneer DJ DJM-750K

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Professional 4 Channel DJ Mixer
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Pioneer DJ DJM-750K

When the full-throttle capabilities of the DJM-900NXS are more than you need, but you still want killer 32-bit DSP and high-quality audio, Sweetwater DJs recommend Pioneer DJ's DJM-750 DJ mixer. This 4-channel DJ mixer delivers fast and easy customization to get the fader response, monitoring, and control you need. Whether you're running traditional turntables or interfacing with modern DJ software, the DJM-750 has your I/O and control needs covered. Top it off with Pioneer's top-quality Sound Color FX, 13 Beat FX, Boost Color FX control, and more, and you have an amazing centerpiece to your DJ rig.

Pioneer DJ DJM-750 4-channel DJ Mixer at a Glance:

  • Crank up the heat with killer effects and EQ
  • Breathtaking DSP and USB sound card onboard
  • Ready to take control of your digital DJ software
Crank up the heat with killer effects and EQ

Loaded with four classic Sound Color FX (Crush, Filter, Jet, and Noise) plus a full battery of 13 Beat FX, Pioneer's DJM-750 more than pulls its weight when it comes to spicing up your sound. But thanks to its Boost Color FX control, combining both effects styles to create massive transitions is super easy and totally responsive, allowing you to control the intensity of the effects by how fast you turn the large chrome knob. Add that to Pioneer's switchable 3-band Isolator EQ, and you have a world of tone-shaping options at your fingertips.

Breathtaking DSP and USB sound card onboard

Pioneer once again proves how much stellar digital processing can bring to a DJ mixer with their 32-bit DSP engine and pro-quality digital converter. The converters enhance the sound quality for all of the DJM-750's outputs and suppress digital noise, making the most of the mixer's high-quality balanced analog op-amps. What's more, a full 4-in/4-out USB audio interface delivers this superior sound quality straight to your computer in stunning 96kHz/24-bit resolution. And, thanks to this USB connection, you can easily configure your mixer, sound card, and audio routing right from your computer.

Ready to take control of your digital DJ software

Speaking of control, the DJM-750 integrates perfectly with your favorite digital DJ software. For starters, it provides you with fully assignable MIDI control. You can set these up in your DJ software to control many of your mix controls. And, if you're running Pioneer DJ's rekordbox dj with the rekordbox dvs Plus Pack, then the DJM-750's interface fully supports timecode vinyl, allowing you to scratch your digital tracks from your analog turntables.